Baby Bath Tub Reviews - Puj Tub, Boon Naked Tub, 4 Moms Tub, Blooming Bath and the Spa Baby Tub

There are lots of different baby tubs out there, but which one is right for you and your baby?

Well, we have taken five completely different tubs and have done the comparison for you.


·         The set-up is very easy. There are snaps on both sides that go together, you place it in your sink, and you’re ready.
·         Cradles the baby in a non-slip material that wraps around your baby.
·         It’s super soft and is PVC and BPA-free.
·         If you don’t have a lot of space for storage the Puj stores flat. It’s less that 1-inch thick.
·         This tub isn’t for babies over six months or above 17 lbs.
·         It does fit in a variety of sinks, but it fits best in sinks that measure 16”-18” side to side, 12”-14” front to back, and 6” -8” deep.

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